Meet Our Firm

Meet Our Firm

Leonard R. Sperber, Partner

Man with gray hair and mustache in navy suit and light blue tie. Standing up and arms down at sides

Warren S. Hoffman, Partner

Man with gray beard in black suit and blue-black tie. Standing up with hands together down at waist

Michelle S. Stein, Partner

Woman with black hair in blazer and white business shirt. Standing with hands interlocked at stomach.

Andrea K. Scampoli, Partner

women with black hair in blazer and white business shirt with black polka dots. Standing with arms crossed

Taylor R. Imbasciani , Associate

Woman with brunette hair and black glasses in black blazer and navy shirt. Standing with arms corssed

Support Staff

Robin Grant: Paralegal
Colleen Ross: Paralegal
Rosalie Piazza: Legal Assistant:
Lori Hoffman: Legal Assistant: